Can Anything Survive on Venus?

Finding signs of life on an uninhabitable planet

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Can Anything Survive on Venus?

In astrology, Venus is thought to represent love. However, the sheer difficulty of surviving on Venus means that it might be more accurate to say it represents tough love.

It's a well-known fact that humans wouldn't exactly thrive on the other planets in our solar system. However, Venus is one of the tougher options.

Venus can be described as a kind of anti-Mars. While the latter lost all of its atmosphere, Venus's greenhouse effect has built its atmosphere up to incredible levels. This means the surface is subject to incredibly high temperates and extremely heavy pressures.

Humans continue to send probes

away to learn more about this planet. It's no easy feat. Those that manage to navigate the dense atmosphere must then contend with a pressure that is 89x more than that of Earth. Many have been crushed in this pursuit of knowledge.

Phosphine discovered

All those destroyed probes weren't in vain! We've learned a lot about Venus as the years have gone on. One of the most significant was the discovery of phosphine. This short-lived molecule is created by something that generates them at least as fast as it decays. We know this because we see the process on Earth. This heavily suggests that

It just goes to show that even in the most crushing situations, it's still possible to survive and even thrive.

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